What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a health care profession that assists people in restoring, maintaining, and making the most of their mobility, function, and well-being. Physiotherapists have in-depth knowledge of how the body works and specialized hands-on clinical skills to assess, diagnose, and treat symptoms of illness, injury and disability.

Proactive Fitness and Physio focuses on prevention, maintenance and rehabilitation of injuries as well as education so clients feel stronger and more capable of living their best lives. This is achieved through guidance, awareness and a plan that encourages a healthier lifestyle through movement.

How Can Physiotherapy Help Me?

Physiotherapy treatment can be helpful for problems such as:

The Proactive Approach

Proactive Fitness and Physio’s goal is to help individuals increase mobility through massage therapy and / or physiotherapy services by encouraging healthy body movement so that you….


Initial Assessment

60 minutes


Regular Follow-Up

30 minutes


Extended Follow-Up

45 minutes


Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need a doctor’s referral in order to book a Physiotherapy appointment. However, some insurance companies require that you have a doctor’s note in order for you to claim physiotherapy services under your benefits. It is best to contact your insurance company to see if you require a referral in order for your treatment to be covered by your benefits package.

Cash, credit card, debit, e-transfer and cheque are all accepted methods of payment.

The clinic is open Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 3:00pm.

Evening and weekend appointments are available and are posted online 2 weeks prior.

You can check online or contact us directly to see if any appointments are available or to be placed on a waiting list.

Yes, direct billing is a service offered by Proactive Fitness and Physio. You will be required to give information regarding your insurance benefits in order for your therapist to offer this.

First appointments are an opportunity for the therapist to assess the reason you are coming in for physiotherapy treatment, to provide treatment based on the findings and offer an exercise program that you can implement in between sessions in order to get the maximum benefit of therapy being offered.

Please dress or bring clothing that allows for the area requiring treatment to be easily assessed.

Unfortunately Proactive Fitness and Physio is NOT an OHIP funded facility.

For a list of local clinics that are OHIP funded, click here.

Unfortunately Proactive Fitness and Physio does not work with insurance companies for Motor Vehicle Collisions or WSIB claims.

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